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You Can Count on Us
For over 20 years, we continue to manufacture high-precision machined components and sub-assemblies for commercial industries including surgical, firearms, automotive, and plastic extrusion. We are experts in machining a diversity of materials from nickel-based alloys and titanium to stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. We have a reputation for outstanding quality and value in our industry and we tackle the most challenging jobs.
We Do Your Job Right
• 2012 Implementation of Velocity Scheduling System
• 2008 New Supplier of the Year, Medical Instrument and Implant Industry
• 2007 Supplier of the Year,
 Plastic Extrusion Industry

We Have What it Takes
• Up to 4 Axis CNC Milling 
• Up to 4 Axis CNC Turning 
• MasterCam X4 
• Solidworks 
• Surface Grinding 
• Robust Supplier Network providing “one stop” shopping to our customers.
We Know What to Do
Our employees are trained at various courses provided for CNC machinists. Years of experience ensures we can set up and run equipment proficiently. Our high rate of employee retention allows us to give our customers the same quality product every time.
You Get What You Pay For
We supply quality products at fair, consistent prices, in any quantity, from prototype to mid-sized production.
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